Dog Bites

Monmouth County Dog Bite Attorney

We live in a society that welcomes dogs into our homes. Many people assume that dogs that are well-trained will always be well-behaved. In reality, the animalistic instincts of dogs can come out when it is least expected, and dog bites or other animal attacks can be severe and cause serious, long-term damage. If you or your child was bitten or attacked by a dog or another animal, it’s critical to work with an experienced lawyer who can help you receive the full and fair compensation you deserve.

At Hobbie & DeCarlo, P.C., we wait to file lawsuits until we understand the long-term damage caused by attack. For example, if reconstructive surgery is necessary or there will be severe scarring, we ensure that is accounted for in our lawsuits. We represent individuals in Monmouth County and throughout New Jersey whose injuries include:

  • Scarring: Dog bites and other animal attacks can cause visible scarring and may require reconstructive cosmetic surgery.
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD): Severe mental consequences, including PTSD and anxiety, can arise after animal attacks, often creating a lifelong fear of animals.
  • Back and joint injuries: In addition to bite wounds, many individuals suffer serious joint injuries from trying to escape an animal attack or from falling down during an attack.
  • Disease: Animals that are not up to date on their vaccinations can carry serious or deadly diseases, which humans can be susceptible to if they are bitten.


We Represent You On A Contingency Fee Basis. No Lawyers’ Fees If You Don’t Win.

We understand that a serious personal injury puts a major strain on your family’s financial circumstances. We work on a contingency fee basis. You will pay no attorneys’ fees unless we help you recover money damages in a settlement or jury verdict.

After an animal attack, it’s critical to seek immediate medical attention and to notify the police or animal control authorities. Before discussing settlement options with any insurance provider, contact our firm to help ensure you receive the full compensation to which you are entitled. We can be reached through an online contact form or by calling 732-380-1515