Fractures & Bone Crushes

Accidents Causing Fractures And Broken Bones Monmouth County Attorney

Causes Of Fractured, Broken Or Crushed Bones

Fractured, broken and crushed bones are among the most common injuries that individuals suffer in motor vehicle crashes. Fractures and broken bones occur when the pressure from the accident exceeds the strength of the bone, and crushed bones are unfortunately common when a body part is trapped between or beneath objects.

Car accident victims offer suffer from broken bones in their arms, wrists and hands, which is often caused by trying to brace themselves before the impact. Individuals who collide with windshields or dashboards during collisions may suffer from broken bones in their faces or necks. When there is extreme force during the accident, individuals may suffer from broken or crushed legs or pelvis bones. Bicyclists and motorcyclists who are injured in accidents often sustain broken arms from trying to brace themselves for the fall, and pedestrians who are hit by cars often suffer from broken knees and broken bones in their backs.

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