Bicycle & Pedestrian Crashes

Monmouth County Bicycle Accident Attorney

In New Jersey, pedestrians and bicyclists are required to obey traffic laws when walking or crossing the street. Unfortunately, even pedestrians and bikers who obey the law are still injured or killed by negligent motorists. All too often, drivers multitask behind the wheel. When drivers are paying attention to everything but the road, it is often pedestrians and bicyclists who pay the price. If you suffered injuries after getting struck by a negligent motorist, an experienced team of lawyers can help you receive the compensation you need and deserve. At Hobbie & DeCarlo, P.C., we represent individuals in Monmouth County and throughout New Jersey in pedestrian and bicycle crashes. Each of our partners has tried hundreds of cases, and we fight aggressively to help ensure our clients receive the full and fair compensation they need.

Who Caused The Accident?

In many pedestrian and bicycle crash claims, negligent motorists are held liable for the damages. Distracted drivers — such as individuals who eat, put on makeup, text or program GPS devices while driving — as well as negligent drivers — including individuals who run red lights or turn right while looking left — are often to blame for accidents. Our lawyers also pursue claims against the city or county if intersections are unsafe due to improper design or construction.

Excellence Is Our Passion. Experience Is Our Tool.

Our reputation is built on integrity. Our professional staff and attorneys are passionate about making sure you receive the highest levels of client service and effective legal advice and representation. Injury cases can take many months or more than a year to settle or come to trial. Through it all, we are there for you, pointing you to the medical care and social services you need. We know that your family needs a team that will stand behind you and have the professional resources to stay with the case to the end. If you are interested in learning more about the compensation to which you may be entitled, contact our firm to schedule an initial consultation. We can be reached through an online contact form or by calling 732-380-1515.