Social Security Disability

What Benefits Are You Entitled To Receive?

You are entitled to Social Security Disability (SSD or SSDI) benefits if you suffered a permanent disabling injury. Not every injury qualifies you for Social Security Disability. You must meet certain requirements to ensure your successful application for benefits. This complicated and lengthy process requires the counsel of an experienced attorney.

At the law office of Hobbie & DeCarlo, P.C., we represent people seeking Social Security Disability benefits. Our office has advised countless people throughout all stages of the Social Security Disability application process.

Social Security Disability Eligibility

In order to receive disability benefits, you must meet the guidelines established by the Social Security Administration. Most initial applications for SSD are denied, and must be appealed. Our office will ensure you file the appropriate application to meet these requirements.

  • Your medical condition must cause you to be unable to resume your old job and unable to adapt to any other gainful employment
  • The medical condition you suffer must be expected to cause death or to last one year or more

Social Security Application Process

The process of getting Social Security Disability is a lengthy one. It requires a strict adherence to time and filing requirements. You have the right to appeal a denied Social Security Disability claim. You also have a right to present your case to an Administrative Law Judge. During this administrative hearing, you have the right to be represented by counsel.

The Social Security Disability application process is lengthy. It is important to contact Hobbie & DeCarlo, P.C. soon after you have medical evidence that you are no longer able to be gainfully employed. Call us for an initial consultation about your claim.